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The only notification and connected building solution to manage your emergency situations

Connect Emergency Response Teams with Key Building Personnel

911inform is the only notification and emergency management solution that provides police dispatch, first-responders, and key building personnel with the tools to effectively mitigate any emergency situation. Our connected building platform provides emergency response teams with the bi-directional communication and controls needed to successfully manage a crisis situation and save valuable time. Can easily be implemented across a wide range of industries including hotels, malls, schools, hospitals, municipalities, and any other large public-access space.


  • Immediate notification of the emergency event
  • Identification of emergency call location, placed over PBX or cell
  • Google Earth image overlay of building
  • Full video surveillance control
  • Full voice controls via intercom/ PBX
  • Remote door lock/ unlocking control
  • Communicate directly into emergency event
  • Ability to provide connected-building controls to first-responding officers & medical teams
  • Full situational awareness of any emergency event within our geofenced location


  • Emergency event location notification for required emergency response teams
  • Digitally-mapped layout of building
  • Display of quickest route to emergency situation
  • Full door control capabilities
  • Full emergency video surveillance capabilities
  • Tactical views on Google Earth
  • Full voice controls via PBX or Intercom to page directly into emergency situation
  • Full situational awareness of any emergency event within a geofenced location


  • Instant notification of any emergency phone call placed within your geomapped building location. All key building personnel notified
  • Location identification of emergency event
  • Admin controls for key building personnel. You decide who gets notified in what situation (ex. Medical team notified in a medical emergency)
  • Integration with existing emergency response protocols including strobe activation
  • Direct line-of-communication between building faculty, police dispatch, and first responders
  • Fully-customizable to meet your security and emergency response needs


911inform is hardware-independent and works with existing door access control systems, paging systems, IP-based video systems and IP-based strobe lights. No need to purchase any new technology to have full communication and control capabilities over any emergency situation. Make every second count when it matters most. Check out the 911inform connected building solution below:

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